Functional Ita Backpack - Purple

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Functional Ita Backpack - Purple

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The functional ita backpack is here and ready for your adventures! Keep your pins safe while on display. The pockets will show your pins while making sure they don't fall off when getting stuffed under the seat in front of you or in the overhead cabin bins!

Black, pink, and grey bags are made out of a lined water resistant fabric.
Green, purple, and colorblock bags are made out of a cotton canvas.
The cow bag is made of a different synthetic material. It may provide some protection but is not designed to be water resistant.

All bags have a mesh back panel and underside of the straps. An adjustable chest strap is attached as well. Both sides of the bag have a mesh water bottle pocket. One side has an extra zipper accessory pocket. Straps measure approximately 28" when fully extended. Chest strap measures approximately 10" fully extended.

The top window has two D rings for attaching keychains to. The bottom ita window has a pocket and 4 pen slots behind the main window area inside. The top pocket also has room to hold items behind the ita window. Both windows are separated from the inside pocket by a divider.

The main interior of the bag is fully lined and has two padded pockets for a laptop and tablet, or anything else you can imagine. A 17 inch mac book fits with plenty of room in the larger pocket. The interior lining is a synthetic material. There is also a small zipper pocket along the front wall of the inside.

Top pocket window dimensions: ~ 8 inches wide x 4.5 inches tall.
Bottom pocket window dimensions: ~ 9 inches wide x 8 inches tall.

Each bag comes with one set of matching inserts. Additional inserts are available to purchase.

Please keep in mind, like all ita bags, the clear window can still be scratched. The body of this bag is designed to be durable and functional, but the windows are still vulnerable to scratches.

Bag Grading Policy:

Standard Bags: The main fabric of the bag is free of any noticeable blemishes or damage. Ita windows are checked for issues visible at an arms length. Markings only visible in certain light are considered standard. The surface of the material will not be perfect. Less than 5mmx5mm area of discoloration. All zippers are functional. Straps are secure. Seams are complete.

Seconds bag:
may contain, but are not limited to, the following flaws:
The main fabric has a large, noticeable blemish or multiple small marks.
The clear ita window has markings that are noticeable from an arms length, or more than 5mmx5mm area of discoloration.

Care and cleaning

The clear windows are just like any other ita bag and can become scratched or scuffed with daily use. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces and store face up when not in use.

Spot cleaning the bag is recommended. Test any cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area. Machine washing is not advised. If you do need to machine wash your bag, remove the pin inserts, gentle wash cold, and hang it to dry. DO NOT put it in the dryer.