Grading Standards

Enamel Pins

Pins are handmade items and therefore some imperfections happen.

Standard Grade
There are no imperfections or they are only noticeable upon close inspection, including but not limited to:

- Small marks only visible in certain lighting
- Slight under filled areas of enamel
- Stray pieces of incorrect collored glitter

Sides and backs of pins are not included in the grading standards other than broken posts. Some pin posts may be a little bit wobby, but are still secure.


Seconds Grade
Seconds grade pins have flaws easily noticeable at an arms length including but not limited to:
- Discoloration
- Significant bubbles in the enamel or epoxy
- Improperly colored areas of fill
- Significantly underfilled or unfilled areas of enamel
- Deep scratches in the plating or enamel
- Poor coating on dyed metal pins

Ita Backpacks

Standard Grade