Dyed Metal Shrimp Tempura

$11.99 USD
Dyed Metal Shrimp Tempura

Are you a member of an amazing space traveling crew? Boldly going where no one has gone before? Are you also super girly or kawaii? Then this is the perfect pin badge for you.
Now in Rainbow!

Pink stock is limited and will NOT be restocked.

The pin is dyed metal soft enamel, two back posts, rubber clutches, and a raised artist backstamp.

Tan dyed metal
Two back posts with black rubber clutches
1.125 inches wide

Pins are handmade items and therefore some imperfections happen. Below you will find grading standards.

Standard Grade-
There are no imperfections or they are only noticeable upon close inspection, including but not limited to:
Small marks only visible in certain lighting or still visible at an arms length.
The surface of these pins has texture. This is normal. It is visible in the second photo.

Sides and backs of pins are not included in the grading standards, other than wobbly or broken posts.