Additional Inserts - Standard

$14.99 USD
Additional Inserts - Standard

Additional inserts for the Functional Ita Bag.
The listing is for a set of inserts, which includes one top piece and one bottom piece.

There is a photo comparing the grey and black inserts next to each other.

The "Brights" color option matches the bag with a Neon Green top insert and a Neon Orange bottom insert. Reverse brights features the opposite. a Neon Orange top insert and a Neon Green bottom insert.

Standard grade inserts have one good side with no markings on the foam visible through the fabric, no large holes in the foam, and no major stains on either side. They may have small holes in one side of the foam that are visible when the fabric is pressed directly against the foam. They should not be noticeable under regular use.

Inserts may have creases in the fabric. These can be removed with an iron on low heat.